The Ghost in the Cupboard

Re-uploaded our short film “Ghost in the Cupbaord” last night because the version that was on youtube was in shit quality.  It looks much better now.  I still really enjoy this one.

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Airport Road: the Podcast, Episode 1

Here is episode one of our podcast.  It starts off as a geek culture review and spirals into a heated debate over who would win in a fight…GODZILLA or CTHULHU.

APR the Podcast episode 1

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The Woods 3 Progress

A couple weeks ago we decided to make another sequel to one of our original short films from YEARS ago.  THE WOODS!  It all came about because Rob suggested we make another short that didn’t require crazy FX or story or actual effort.  Great Idea!  I love no effort.  So we started talking about it and planning the movie and decided to revamp the Dragonbear a little bit.  We created new EYE Balls and New Teeth that weren’t make from Carpet foam.  He looks fucking terrifying now.  Check it out.

coming along nicely.  Will keep you updated.

Here are the original Woods 1 and 2.

Woods 1

Woods 2

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Lets give this thing a shot.

So I was informed that my good friend AJ had set up a WordPress thing for us.  I am now using it.  Alright.  Lets see here…

We make short films.  Bunches of them.  Mainly horror/comedy related.  They will be posted here.  We also do a podcasts.  We’ve got “Airport Road: the Podcast” which is a geek culture podcast where we ramble on about geeky things for far too long.  Those will ALSO be posted here.  I’ll probably even post some pictures and stuff.  Who knows?  The sky is the limit.

alright, lets see if this thang worked.

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