Moar podcasts

Sup guys. Tryign to post our entire backlog of podcasts. Here are episodes 3-10. I’ll be posting the rest here as soon as I upload them.

Episode 3 is about 80’s nostalgia.
Episode 4 is 90’s nostalgia.
Episode 5 is Star Trek vs Star Wars.
Episode 6 is all about Wrestling.
Episode 7 is our Favorite Horror Movie podcast.
Episode 8 is part 1 of our 16bit gaming podcast.
Episode 9 is part 2 of our 16bit gaming podcast.
Episode 10 is part 1 of our Comic Books podcast.

APR: The Podcast episode 3
APR: The Podcast episode 4
APR: the Podcast episode 5
APR: the Podcast episode 6
APR: the Podcast Episode 7
APR: the Podcast Episode 8
APR: the Podcast Episode 9
APR: the Podcast Episode 10

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