The Ultimate Broski

Hey guys.  Sorry for the lack of updates.  I honestly forgot this thing existed.  I think it’s because we live in a world with so much social media and instant stuff that I forget that actual homepages exist as a way to get information out there.  Generally I now hear about new things from the twitter and the book of faces and I forget about thigns like this.  But NO LONGER!  APR: the website is back and we’re gonna start updating this mother.  And one day we’re gonna have a domain name!  As soon as one of us decides to drop the 20 bucks and not spend it on golf balls or ninja turtle action figures or something.

So….whats new…

Trying to get the APR podcast back off the ground.  We put that mother on hiatus a while back but its really kind of hard getting everyone together all at once to be able to start recording.  We’ll see.  We have a bunch of new topics ready and want to retouch on some of the older topics as well.

We’ve done a few new short films since our last update.  A few contest videos and random weirdness.  First up is “The Ultimate Broksi of the Week”

We shot this as a tribute to the WWE Wrestler Zack Ryder.  He runs a weekly web show over on the WWE Youtube page and has a segment entitled “Broksi of the Week”.  The segment calls for a 30 second clip asking why you should be considered the biggest Zack Ryder fan.  30 seconds…we shot a 5 minute short film.  Give us an inch…we fuck the cat.

We didn’t make it on his show.  Not sure if its because it was too long or because he decided were just too fucking awesome to be on his show.  You be the judge.  Its an odd video.  If you’re not a wrestling fan you MIGHT not understand.  But watch anyway and comment, subscribe, like, and share with your friends so we can make that millions of dollars they always talk about on them chat shows with the Lady who is all like “Heeeeeeeey”.

Lookit that ball droppin’ broksi.  He done did went and dropped that hot airport road ball.  Could’a had that ball all over your show.  Could’a got that APR sweetness.  Could’a.  Should’a.  Fucked.

But nah, i got no beef.  I still cheer when he comes out.  And you should too.  We’ve done some more short films but I’ll do a write-up of those a little later.  Right now I need to go eat a burrito or something and go back to sleep.  Enjoy you day, everyone.  Peace!


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